• Customer:LLC Eurasia Drilling Company www.bke.ru
  • Year:2016
  • Quantity:2
  • Guration:Cantilever mast, swing up substructure, mud treatment system protected from the outside (echelon) and a skidding system
  • Сarrying capacity:up to 320 ton
  • Deep drilling:5000 m
  • Operating temperature:-45 °C to +45 °C
  • Total weight:2400 ton

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Complete echelon drilling rigs BU E BM K-320 Kliver of 320 ton capacity

Manufacture of Cluster Slider drilling rigs BU E BM K-320 Kliver of 320 ton capacity designed by Bentec GmbH Drilling and Oilfield Systems, Germany www.bentec.com/ru/, was launched in 2015. These are modular rigs in the Arctic design capable. A full winterization package is incorporated into the design of operation at -45 °C.

Drilling rigs BU E BM K-320 Kliver are equipped with the most advanced equipment produced by Bentec GmbH Drilling and Oilfield Systems and other leading manufacturers from Russia and abroad.

The rigs incorporate the most up-to-date drilling information system Bentec infoDRILL. All main items of equipment have variable frequency drives. The rigs have high fire and explosion proof rating. A gas detection system and a video monitoring system are included. A modern highly efficient air heating system ensures minimizing of fuel consumption and harmful exhaust. Air heaters are installed both on the mast and substructure unit and in the echelon.

A modular design of the rigs allows for their transportation and installation within minimum time and with minimum manpower.

The rigs are manufactured in accordance with API and GOST standards and can be put in operation immediately after installation without delay due to the need to obtain additional athorization. Many years of experience in the oil and gas industry prove the company's commitment to the best quality and constant improvement.

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