The beginning of drilling rigs production, based on Bentec GmbH design

LLC "Kliver" has begun the production of 320 tons-capacity "Cluster Slider” echelon type drilling rigs with manufacture of echelon skidding boxes and the rig mast.
The rig is being produced for operation in northern conditions with the temperature up to -45°C. Triplex pump power is 1200 kW, operating torque of the top drive is 68 kN• m, winch power is 1100 kW.

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Kliver starts to expand the production capacity.

The main object of the expansion is the new workshop which will become the core of drilling rigs production. Preproduction, welding and assembly operations will be allocated to this new facility.

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Kliver Ltd. participated in celebrations dedicated to the Day of Svetly town - Fisherman's Day.

On the 12th of July 2014 Kliver Ltd. participated in solemn procession dedicated to the Day of Svetly town  - Fisherman's Day.

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Kliver Signs Cooperation Agreement with BENTEC

"Kliver" steel fabrication yard, Russia, Kaliningrad region, and Bentec GmbH Drilling and Oilfield Systems, Germany, announce the signing of contract for drawings handover and launching of cooperative production of “Cluster Slider” rigs.

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New DDU modernization contracts, 2014

Contracts for modernization of 4 derricks and drawworks units and substructures for Perm, West-Siberian and Kogalym branches of “Euraisa Drilling Company” are signed.

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