Reliable solutions for reliable operations.

Our company

We are a young, ambitious and successful company operating in the production of "turnkey" offshore oil and gas facilities, land rigs and a wide range of steel structures for industrial and civil construction. Our goal is to strengthen positions, consistent development and growth in the market segment in which we have a reliable experience.
OOO "Kliver" is medium-sized business company - a segment of the Russian economy that will form the basis of the country’s development in the XXI century.

Our market

Due to the location on the navigation channel in the vicinity to the Baltic Sea, a private enhanced berth and fitted water area we can ship our products to anyplace the world. Our logistics are beneficial for us to work on projects for the Baltic, North, Caspian Seas and the Arctic. Our own railway line and the highway allow us to ship less bulky constructions anywhere in Europe and Asia. We are also able to get raw materials, supplies and equipment from around the world by sea by rail and by road quickly and continuously. We follow the market needs, accumulate our experience and expertise in order to offer products that meet all modern requirements and help our customers to be successful in business.

Our customers and partners

Production of large technologically saturated offshore facilities for the oil and gas industry is the process that requires streamlined system of production management, organizing the procurement and supply of materials and equipment, engineering control. In order to deliver the product to the Customer on time and stay strictly on budget, we work in close cooperation with our reliable partners - suppliers, design offices, certification bodies, logistics specialists. Our team is doing all that is up to us to bring all the ideas of the Customer to life.
The quality of our work and the reliability of the partnership are time-tested. 

Our Team

Our Team is our main competitive advantage. OOO "Kliver" is a team of professionals and associates, the team that has a unique experience in the construction of Russian ice-resistant stationary platform D6 in the Baltic Sea, a unique Varandey Fixed Offshore Ice Resistant Offloading Terminal (FOIROT) in the Barents Sea, LSP-2 (Residential modules) for Korchagin field in the Caspian Sea, land rigs and other unique facilities in Russia and abroad.
Great attention to organization and sharing of experience, continuous development of staff, care about working environment is the key to the success of OOO "Kliver".

Our philosophy

• Preservation and enhancement of the unique experience of the construction of offshore oil and gas installations and drilling rigs;
• Investment in staff as the guarantee of future success;
• Extensive cooperation with the companies - leaders in their fields of design, development and implementation of advanced engineering solutions for the oil and gas and other industries both in Russia and abroad.